“Digital Djinn” in Vitality Magazine Issue 1.1

Here we are again! I’ve got a new story releasing today, and I hope you’ll all take the time to check it out. Vitality Magazine is a new but determined literary magazine dedicated to LGBT literature, featuring queer characters in stories that don’t focus on their coming out or victimization. This is the first issue being released following their decision to move to an exclusively digital format, and I’m thrilled that I have a story in this–if you’ve been reading my blog, I submitted “Digital Djinn” to them back in December! Now people are going to be able to read about my mischievous nonbinary djinn named Yael and hopefully love aer as much as I do. (Ae also features in Clover June, which I’m currently drafting.) And making it even better, there’s a full page illustration of Yael! Ae might not match how ae looks in my head, but honestly? Someone took the time to create that art! So who cares, it was wonderfully done!

So go ahead and download it for free (it comes in a .zip file with PDF, .mobi, and .epub formats) and please let the writers and editors know what you think of it on Facebook (Read Vitality), Twitter (@readvitality or @g_crivee for mine!) and on Goodreads!

Enjoy these stories, because everybody deserves to see themselves in fiction.


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